Why build a house yourself and be your own contractor ....


instead of hiring a general contractor?

If You’ve Hired a General Contractor, or if you’re buying a house, or remodeling...this website is still a must for you.  Why?

Two Good Reasons To Build A House Yourself and Be Your Own Contractor


Tim Benton, Professional Builder

  1. Build $700,000.00 of wealth (see below)
  2. Because you can.


We, the amiable professionals of the home building industry, can build a house for you, using our time to organize construction, leaving you with nothing more to worry about than choosing paint colors and deciding where to hang the plasma TV.

Oddly enough, we find it necessary to charge for our services. That’s good for us, but expensive for you. The general contractor’s fee for building your house, or his cost built into the price of the existing new house you buy, can easily be as high as 25% of the total price.

That’s tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or for the average price of a new home, about $500 of your monthly house payment that goes to payoff the builder.

Think of what you could do with an extra $500 per month. Not only does that plasma TV get bigger, you’ll be able to afford one for every member of the family.

If that doesn’t convince you, look at this way. With a 30 year mortgage, you’ll make 360 monthly house payments. Instead of having $500 of every payment going to payoff the builder’s fee, put that $500 each month into a stock market index fund. If that fund averages an 8% annual return over 30 years, you’ll be retiring with an extra $700,000. That’s money you earned because you chose to build a house yourself.

With that kind of money, it’s no longer about the plasma TV. It’s about the vacation home to put it in.

You Can Do It


You don’t have to learn building codes. The amount of code I know wouldn’t fill half of this page.

You don’t need to have any building trade skills.

I don't.  I just use a written schedule (provided in this website) to plan things and hire subcontractors to do the labor. That’s how I build a house. You can too.


You won’t be blazing any new trails. Thousands of people like you, with no building skills, have already built a good house themselves. You can too.

So come on in. I can get you home. You’ll find no builder’s fee here.

All of my advice is on the house.

What To Expect When You Build A House Yourself